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Montello is a small railroad town in the arid Tecoma Valley in northeast Nevada, just a dozen miles from the Utah border. The climate is so dry that no year-round stream flows through the valley. Desert vegetation like sagebrush and tumbleweeds sparsely cover the ground. Many trees planted and watered by the residents make Montello an oasis in this desert, easily spotted from anywhere in the valley. The prominent mountain Pilot Peak stands to the south.

Nevada Highway 233 passes through Montello, connecting from Interstate 80 around the northern end of the Great Salt Lake. The highway runs through town with the railroad on one side and the town on the other side. There are just a few east west streets and a few north south streets arranged in a grid. A few old commercial buildings line the highway. The population of Montello is 216. The elevation is 4,875 feet above sea level.

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