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Nevada is known for its long stretches of highway through lonely deserts and its lavish casinos. In the wide open valleys between mountain ranges, water is scarce, but the mountains harbor forests and wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Mining is a major part of Nevada's history, giving rise to it's nickname the Silver State. Many of the today's towns remain from mining days and many mines are still in operation. Many other mining towns are now abandoned but hold a history of America's earlier days.

Only two Interstate routes cross Nevada. Interstate 80 crosses the northern portion from east to west, following the path of the Humboldt River most of the way. Interstate 15 crosses the southern tip of the state, accessing Nevada's largest city, Las Vegas. U.S. Highway 95 crosses Nevada, entering at the southern tip, and leaving on the Oregon border to the north. U.S. Highway 93 also enters Nevada near Las Vegas and travels north along the eastern boundary, leaving at the Idaho border, on the north. U.S. Highways 6 and 50 traverse the state from east to west.

Nevada's only National Park is Great Basin National Park. Valley of Fire is a State Park which preserves an area of red-colored rock formations near Las Vegas.

Nevada was the 36th state in the union, admitted Oct. 31, 1864. It covers 110,540 square miles, inhabited by 1,998,257 people.

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Nevada's official site is at www.nv.gov See also Wikipedia's Nevada page.

Motto:All for our country
State Bird:Mountain Bluebird
State Flower:Sagebrush
State Tree:Bristlecone Pine

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