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Bunkerville lies in the lowlands along the Virgin River in southern Nevada. The Virgin River flows by about a mile to the north, and the land in between is very flat. On the other side of the river, the ground rises quickly in a series of barren hills. To the south of Bunkerville, the ground rises at a steady angle for several miles to the feet of the Virgin Mountains. It is covered with creosote bushes. The desolation of the desert scenery is broken by plant life growing along the Virgin River, with thickets of small trees and grassland.

Bunkerville was settled in 1877 by Mormon pioneers from Utah, led by Edward Bunker, for whom the town was named. The early Mormons practiced a system of communal living, known as the United Order, where resources were commonly owned by the community and work was shared and crops pooled. Disappointed by the failure of the United Order in their previous home at Santa Clara, they established Bunkerville and lived the United Order until 1880.

Bunkerville is just a short distance from Mesquite on Nevada Highway 170, being about 4 miles to the southeast of it. Interstate 15 passes through Mesquite and the bypasses Bunkerville on the north side of the river. So Bunkerville is strictly a residential community, with all the shopping and businesses being located in Mesquite. Highway 170, being an old alignment of U.S. Highway 91, travels several miles along the south side of the river before rejoining the freeway.

Bunkerville is unincorporated. The population was 1,303 at the 2010 census. The elevation is 1,532 feet, increasing slightly on the south side of town.

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